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Purpose, Principles and Objectives

Treaty of Waitangi

Auckland Pride is committed to honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi by collaboration and strengthening partnerships with whānau, hapū, rūnanga and iwi, as well as Māori exercising those rights and responsibilities in areas where Auckland Pride is active.

Auckland Pride is committed to full engagement with and participation of tangata whenua and tauiwi (non-Māori).

Charitable Purposes

Auckland Pride has been established and is to be maintained to promote, facilitate and undertake the organisation of cultural events and activities as part of the Auckland Pride Festival in New Zealand for the Rainbow communities in order to:

a) Support the Rainbow communities: provide members of the Rainbow communities with the opportunity to participate in events and activities in an environment which recognises their particular needs, in particular by providing the opportunity for members of the Rainbow communities to celebrate and be proud of who they are in an open and inclusive environment;

b) Support the wider communities: foster wider community recognition and respect for the Rainbow communities and promote social inclusion by developing the mana and standing of the Rainbow communities within the wider community, giving a voice to members of the Rainbow communities that are fighting for respect and equality and championing the elimination of discrimination against the Rainbow communities;

c) Showcasing diversity: provide a platform to showcase and promote the creativity, storytelling and talent of the Rainbow communities with a view to sharing their struggles and challenges and bringing the Rainbow communities and wider communities together in a positive environment to foster growth, diversity and inclusion;

d) Capability and capacity building: fostering excellence, building capability and encouraging understanding within and between the Rainbow communities to build strong communities that recognise and support intersectional identities;

e) Promoting equality: where any sector or group of the Rainbow communities is considered by the Board to be unequal or discriminated against, to actively advocate for and support such a group or individuals in ways that will facilitate positive change.


In pursuing Auckland Pride's purpose, the Board and the Members shall at all times endeavour to uphold the following principles:

a) Rainbow diversity: recognise and respect the diversity of the Rainbow communities;

b) Cultural diversity: recognise and respect the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa/New Zealand and its current cultural diversity;

c) Equality: promote and act in accordance with individual’s rights not to be discriminated against, in particular based on their sexual orientation or gender identity; and

d) Professionalism: act with professionalism and integrity and in a manner that maintains and enhances the mana and standing of the Rainbow communities and Auckland Pride.

Auckland Pride is fully committed to engaging and supporting all culturally diverse communities in all aspects governed by Auckland Pride Members.


Auckland Pride’s objectives as a non-profit organisation are to:

a) facilitate and promote the delivery of an Auckland Pride Festival for the Rainbow communities, and wider communities of Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa;

b) provide opportunities for the Rainbow communities to create and participate in cultural events and activities under the umbrella of an Auckland Pride Festival;

c) foster an environment through the Auckland Pride Festival for the Rainbow communities to celebrate our sexual orientations and wide ranging identities;

d) form partnerships with other organisations that share similar values, aims and objectives to Auckland Pride;

e) further the prospects of the Rainbow communities by advocating for their equality; and

f) do anything necessary or helpful to further the above objectives.

Privacy Act 1993

Auckland Pride may use this information for the purpose of maintaining membership details only, and it shall not be released to any third party without the members’ permission except as is required by law.

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